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Version TAW3 (WCAG 1,0) Java Web Start

You already can use tool TAW version 3 by means of Java Web Start. With Java Web Start you can ejectuar application TAW3 with a single “click”, without needing installers. In addition by means of Java Web Start the application is updated automatically.

Version TAW by means of Java Web Start has the same functionality of analysis that the unballastable version.

In order to know more on his operation it visits the section how works TAW3 Java Web Start?

To execute TAW3 Java Web Start

Note: Application TAW3, during the analysis process, needs access to the disk drive. This requirement, that automatically prepares the traditionally installed tools, in the case of Java Web Start specifically must be granted by the usuary person. For that reason the first time that executes the application will show to the following screen soliciing this authorization. In order to grant to use it the button To initiate.

Screen in which the authorization is asked for.

In order to execute TAW3 you only need to have installed the Java platform Web Start, this will be available already in your equipment if you have installed “plug-in” of Java in your navigator. If you need to install it you can do it from the official page of Java.

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