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TAW3 in a click WCAG 1,0 (Firefox)

TAW3 in a click is an extension for Firefox that allows to verify online, with a single click, the accessibility of the Web sites that visits by means of Pautas de Accesibilidad of the Content Web (WCAG 1,0) of the Consortium World Wide Web (W3C).

In order to know more on his operation it visits the section how works TAW3 in a click? and the page of TAW3 in a click in the vestibule of Mozilla

To install TAW3 in a click

Installation of the Extension

  1. Step 1
    • Option 1 - To use the connection of installation of the extension. If it appears to us a yellow bar of warning to protect the computer, Firefox avoided that this site (URL of the site) installed programs in its computer in the part superior of the navigation window, we will have to beat To publish options… and To allow and next to return to use the connection of installation of the extension.
    • Option 2 - To unload the extension being used the option To keep connection like… from the contextual menu that appears when doing click with the right button on the installation connection of the extension. Once unloaded, we abrimos the navigator and we dragged the file .xpi to the interior of the window.
  2. Step 2

    Next it will appear a window of installation in which we must beat To install now so that the extension settles automatically. When finishing the installation will appear the window of extensions.

  3. Step 3

    Before being able to use the extension first it is necessary to reinitiate the navigator closing all the windows that we have open (including the window of the extensions).

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