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With the publication by part W3C of the new ones you rule WCAG we have sent new tools of analysis of these you rule. In addition CTIC has developed new specific tools for other workings of accessibility study (besides quality, cathedral, mobility, good practices and standardization), enlarging the family of tools TAW.


The unballastable version of the TAW is a desktop application for the automatic analysis of Web sites being based on Pautas de Accesibilidad to the Content Web 1,0 (WCAG 1,0). TAW3 follows the connections of documents HTML so that it allows to analyze from a unique page to complete Web sites.

For the analysis of the pages, TAW3 allows the selection of the traffic control points to verify as well as the creation of new customized rules. Finally, it generates different types from information on the result of the analysis.

It is multiplatform and it has installers to several operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Unix and relatives (Linux, Solaris, etc.)

TAW3 Online (WCAG 1,0 and 2.0)

Service online that allows to review the accessibility of a certain URL. It generates a report HTML based on the page analyzed with information on the result of the revision.

TAW3 Web Start (WCAG 1.0)

Java Web Start is a technology for the unfolding of applications based on Java language. Java Web Start allows to execute applications by means of a unique “click” from a navigating Web. In addition executing the application by means of Java Web Start always you will use the last version available. Version TAW by means of Java Web Start has the same functionality that the unballastable version.

TAW3 in a click - WCAG 1.0

TAW3 in a click is an extension for Firefox that allows to verify online, with a single click, the accessibility of the Web sites that visits by means of Pautas de Accesibilidad of the Content Web (WCAG 1,0) of the Consortium World Wide Web (W3C).

TAW3 in a click - WCAG 2.0

In next dates we will publish the extension for Firefox of WCAG 2.0

TAW Monitor

The TAW Monitor is a system that allows the unheeded revision of the sites of Internet, in which they are analyzed of periodic form and without doing lack intervention a set of vestibules, emitting information of state and alert by different channels. More information in the page of the TAW Monitor

TAW Observer

We have developed to an analysis tool on a distributed platform cradle in oriented technology to services (SOA) and “Grid Computing”, with a capacity of analysis very lifted. He is destined to the accomplishment of observatories, in which the volume of pages that are reviewed is very high. This Integra tool the motor of analysis of the TAW, besides other analyzers (grammatical, mobility, quality, etc.)

scheme of operation of the TAW Observer

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