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In the development of vestibules of Internet that want to adapt themselves to the standards of W3C and that are aligned with the legislation on accessibility requires of a series of processes, some of which are to execute themselves before the development of the same, others during the construction and others after the putting in production and which they assure that the vestibule and its contents do not degenerate in the time. In CTIC we have created specific methodologies for each of these landmarks that help the organizations to secure the excellence in their developments for Internet.

The consultancy of standards is Core of the services offered by the technology area of the Foundation, having a group of experts with one expands standard experience in W3C technologies. All the consultants of accessibility are in addition inspectors certificates by AENOR and actively participate the work groups of W3C. 

Relation between the development of a vestibule and our consulting services

Catalog consulting services

Design and implantation of accessibility policies

Creation and beginning in the political organization of an accessibility set and standardization. The objective of these policies is the establishment of a series of you rule and general conditions of accessibility for the content Web, that allows the implantation and/or improves of the conditions of accessibility of the Web sites, that facilitate their mantenibilidad in the time and which the developments homogenicen.

The scope of the standardization these policies affect the following points:

  • Accessibility
  • Multidispositivo
  • Internationalization
  • Privacy and security
  • Usabilidad
  • Multimedia/rich applications/Web 2.0

Study of accessibility and standardization Web

It is a study of the needs of the client, that it helps in the decision making before beginning the development, as much in the scope of the technological platform (recommendations at the time of selecting to a CMS or a servant of applications that fulfills the requirements of the accessibility and the standards Web) as in the one of the design of interfaces, in the one of the technologies client to use, platforms for multidevice, etc.

Diagnosis of vestibules

It is a study detailed and systematic of the Web site that allows to identify accessibility problems and to raise options of solution and improvement. Another objective of the diagnosis is to know the real level accessibility that reaches a vestibule, like previous step its certification in accessibility, or to the facility to mobilize it.

Validation of groups

Foundation CTIC serves of validation on the accessibility and the use of standards of the W3C in the creation of the groups of a vestibule. This validation, that go accompanied of a process of improvement proposals, that contribute to that the base of the development fulfills you rule of accessibility, standards and semantics. In these validations technical questions of accessibility are reviewed not lolo, also the usabilidad, standards, resistances of colors, multimedia, pdfs, etc.

CMS and consultant's office in the management of contents

In order to avoid that the Web loses accessibility with the insertion of contents, we give support for the creation of accessible contents, as much at technical level as concerning marked to equip the content with semantic value, training the people in charge of the management of contents, by means of guides and specific consultancy.

Developing consultancy, integration and operation

In order to give support to the developers and to solve incidences during the development of the vestibules, in the later process of integration of the different elements of the platform or in the exploitation phase from the vestibules.


To this we offer them service from a platform developed by CTIC, that allows to a scheduled inspection and unheeded of the vestibules, reporting the problems detected by different motors from analysis (accessibility WCAG 1,0, accessibility WCAG 2,0, quality, CATHEDRAL and mobility). This service describes in the section “monitoring” of this vestibule.

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