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TAW is a family of tool for the analysis of the accessibility of Web sites, reaching of an integral and global form to all the elements and pages compose that it. This family composes diverse tools, from the most known pages the monitoring systems or a tool for the accomplishment observatories analyzing. The common nexus to all is the motors of analyzes, that have been growing in functionalities from the one of accessibility to those of quality Web, CATHEDRAL or mobility.

To verify the level of accessibility reached in the design and development of pages Web with the purpose of to allow the access to all the people independent of its differentiating characteristics.
Public generally and specifically professional of field like webmasters, developer, designers of pages Web etc.

We understand by accessibility the access to the information contained in the Web sites without limitation some because of deficiency, disability or used technology without they interfere, for example:

  • Problems of ear, vision, mobility.
  • Difficulties of reading or mental understanding.
  • Impossibility of use of the keyboard or the mouse.
  • Reader of only text, screen small or slow connection.
  • The accessibility improves the access to the Web generally, is not solely of interest for people with incapacity.

Accessibility 2,0 Web WCAG 1ª call of the tele-training course

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