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Foundation CTIC and the office Spanish of W3C have between their objectives the promotion of the use of the abiertas technologies standard and. For it, besides participating in different events and creating didactic material of spreading and conducts as much actual battles of formation as eLearning. During the past few years we have formed to more than 3,000 technicians and managers of the different administrations and companies from the sector TIC.

Formation in standards W3C

The actual formation is realized in the facilities of the client, adapting if it is precise the contents of the courses to his particular requirements (for example them course of management of contents adapts to the CMS of the client). Also courses to size within the technologies of W3C are realized and that are outside the present catalog of courses:

  • Accesibilidad and Usabilidad Web.
  • Advanced CSS.
  • Development of “Accessible Enriched Applications of Internet” (WAI-ARIA)
  • Architectures for Movable Internet.
  • Accessibility Web for the management of contents
  • Accessible creation of pdf
  • WCAG 2.0
  • Systems of management of the accessibility Web (Annex D of UNITES 139803:2004)
  • ….

Foundation CTIC has an accessible platform of e-Learning, from which different courses in tele-training format are distributed. At present one distributes three courses:

  • Development of accessible Web sites (WCAG 1.0/UNE 139803), destined to developer.
  • Management of accessible Web sites, having like managing adressees of vestibules and publishers of contents.
  • Development of accessible Web sites WCAG 2,0, destined to developers that want to know and to deepen the new ones you rule of W3C.

To all the they have developed them courses personal of Foundation CTIC and of the Spanish Office of W3C, they last among 30 and 50 hours, with tutelaje of the consultants of CTIC accessibility.

If it wishes to receive information on our courses it can be put in contact with us through contact form.

First call of the tele-training course “Accessibility Web WCAG 2.0”

In December of 2008, W3C - WAI, published the new version of these you rule, Pautas de Accesibilidad for Contenido Web (WCAG) 2.0. Constructed on the increasing experience and the contributions of the public related to the accessibility (professional of the development, usuary people, etc.), WCAG 2,0 improve the initial standard created by the W3C, being applied to technologies more outposts, being more flexible, detailing of more precise form which are the verifications to realize to prove the quality of their application and incorporating one better documentation to facilitate their understanding. They are born with future vocation, to last in the time, to the being “independent of technology”, that is to say, to the being of application in any technology (unlike exclusively developed WCAG 1,0 for technologies HTML and CSS). Postulating, therefore, as referring definitive as far as accessibility Web one talks about.

The knowledge and the adoption of this new version of you rule (WCAG 2,0) on the part of the companies and personnel of the sector TIC is vitally important facing positioning itself strategically for the future. He is, really, an opportunity and a necessity for the maintenance and improves of his competitiveness.

Note: since in Spain Pautas de Accesibilidad for the Content Web is norm UNITES demanded by law, according to Real Decree 1494/2007, it is anticipated that in a short term of time this norm is updated adapting it to WCAG 2,0 and thus happen to be a legal requirement.


When finalizing the formative action the pupils will be able to construct to Web sites compatible with products of support and adapted to the functional needs of the people with incapacity using for it Pautas de Accesibilidad for Contenido Web (WCAG) 2,0 of the W3C, as well as to use tools, as much automatic as manuals, to verify the correct application of the same.

List of credits

Duration: 70 hours

1ª Edition

  • Date of Beginning: 30 of November of 2009.
  • Date of Aim: 29 of January of 2010

Price: 300 Euros


Professionals of the sector TIC, with degree average or superior (FPII or university degree in computer science area) and/or equivalent experience, with intermediate knowledge of development of applications Web and advanced knowledge of HTML (preferably XHTML) and CSS.

Contents of the Course

MODULE 0: Introduction

  • Introduction to the accessibility Web
  • Introduction to WCAG 2.0

MODULE 1: Principle 1 - Perceivable

  • Textual alternatives
  • Accessibility in content multimedia
  • Adaptability of the content
  • Easily perceivable content

MODULE 2: Principle 2 - Operable

  • Accessible content by means of keyboard
  • Time sufficient to carry out tasks
  • Free content of upheavals
  • Facility of navigation

MODULE 3: Principle 3 - Comprehensible

  • Legibility of the content
  • Predictable content
  • Entrance of data attended

MODULE 4: Principle 4 - Robust

  • Compatibility with navigators and technical assistance

MODULE 5: Evaluation of the accessibility

  • Process of evaluation of the accessibility
  • Tools of automatic evaluation (TAW)
  • Tools of evaluation manual
  • Monitoring


If it wishes to extend information on this course it can be put in contact with us through contact form

Mode of payment

By means of banking transference.

Once realized the inscription, and before the beginning of the course, we will put ourselves in contact with you to communicate the account number to him to realize the transference.


The term of inscription has been closed.



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