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It is in: Beginning Services Certification

Certification in accessibility Web

The experts in accessibility Web of the Foundation have collaborated with the Spanish Agency of Normalización (AENOR) in the beginning of a certification of accessibility based on UNITES 139803:2004, being Foundation CTIC the organization prescriber and being accredited like AENOR auditors their consultants and technicians.

HE UNITES 139803:2004

This certification, the unique one of third existing part, credits that the vestibules that own this seal fulfill the declared levels of accessibility and they are adapted to the existing legislation (Real Decree 1492/2007), that forces the all the administrations and to the pages total Web financed or partially with bottoms public to reach “as minimum level of obligatory fulfillment priorities 1 and 2 of the Norm UNITES” (levels “To” and double “A”) and terms settle down one to adapt these pages as of 31 December of 2008.

Foundation CTIC has subscribed an agreement with the Spanish Agency of Normalización (AENOR) for the diffusion of the norm UNITES 139803:2004 “computer science Applications for people with incapacity. Requirements of accessibility for contents in the Web”. IT UNITES 139803:2004 is a transposition of “You rule of Accessibility to the Content in the Web” (WCAG 1,0) developed by the initiative W3C initiative WAI. The norm can unload from this connection

To who goes directed the certification?

Besides the Webs of the administrations and the Webs financed with public money the Real Decree forces to fulfill the criteria of UNITES 139803 to the organizations and social companies that are in charge to manage services public, especially, of whom they have educative character, sanitary and services. Also the companies with more than 100 workers or that has a volume of business superior to 6 million considered Euros and of “special economic importance” like the financial services (banks and boxes, managing companies of insurances and plans of pensions), utilities (companies of provision of water, gas and electricity), services of travel agencies, transport of travellers, etc. 

Against this background and to facilitate that the administrations and the companies can credit that their Web sites are accessible according to the legal requirements, the experts of accessibility of Foundation CTIC have developed a set of services that they facilitate to these organizations to reach the adapted level of accessibility to allow his certification.

Services on the certification

The services supplied by the Foundation in this scope are destined to the one of collaboration with the organizations to help them in the processes necessary to certify their vestibules, supporting the developments to assure that they are alienated with the norm and has supported for the creation of the documentation of the system of management of the accessibility (Annex D of the norm), necessary to obtain the seal of accessibility TIC granted by AENOR.

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