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Reunited to the jury for the concession of II Prizes TAW to the Accessibility Web, day 13 of November of 2006 in soothes of Foundation CTIC (Center Technological of the Information and the Communication) and made up of:

  • Carmen Herrera, head of Projects of the area of Architecture and Planning of the Main directorate of Computer science of the Principality of Asturias
  • Caesar Acebal, professor of the University of Oviedo
  • Cristina Rodriguez, director of the CEAPAT
  • Jorge Corner, director of the Center De Proyectos of the Management of Computer science of the Social Security
  • Jose Manuel Alonso, person in charge of Spanish Office W3C
  • Mónica Oviedo, vice-president of COCEMFE Asturias

They solve to grant the prizes by categories a:

T.1. Prize TAW to public Web More accessible I.
WINNER: Web site Vestibule majors-IMSERSO
Finalist: Web site Ministry of Public Works and the Economy
Finalist: Web site Harbor Authority of Gij'on
T.2. Prize TAW to More accessible public Web II.
WINNER: Web site City council of Saragossa
Finalist: Web site Official School of Languages of Alicante
Finalist: Web site City council of Miguelturra
T.3. Prize TAW to Enterprise Web More accessible I.
WINNER: Web site Caixa Terrassa
Finalist: Web site Hotel Union Asturias Principality
Finalist: Web site Inditex
T.4. Prize TAW to More accessible Enterprise Web II.
WINNER: Computer science Web site Arume Desenvolvementos
Finalist: Web site Digitalicon
Finalist: Web site Pixues
T.5. Prize TAW to the Web of organizations without spirit of More accessible profit.
Note: Unanimously of the jury, and due to a tie, 3 finalists fail themselves.
WINNER: Web site Circumvallation of the Seahorse
Finalist: Web site Protective Association De Animales the Xana
Finalist: Web site Foundation AMAT- Caixa Tarrasa
Finalist: Web site Vestibule Of the Real Group De Cultura Covadonga
T.6. Prize TAW to the Best Project in Accessibility Web.
WINNER: GIS Sigma - City council of Madrid

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